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Amb tota la cadena de subministrament a les nostres mans, podem crear un producte acabat per satisfer les necessitats dels minoristes de qualsevol part del món.

Automatic Watering System for Christmas Tree

Smart plastic protectors guarantee the sensor works well so that there is no need to continually check if there is water in the tree stand.Always watering your Live Christmas tree to make your tree fresh.

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Geometric Tree Stand

This Christmas tree stand is made of high-quality steel to ensure the live Christmas trees stand stable and straight.

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Trendy Tree Stand

This Christmas tree stand fashion color scheme is full of Christmas atmosphere, it will surprise you when you use it in your live Christmas tree.

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Movable Tree Stand

This stand is a combination of sturdy metal and plastic with wheels underneath so you can easily move your artificial Christmas tree, locking the wheels for added stability.

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